How it works

Once you have contracted your rental space, your products are to arrive at the store labelled, priced and reflecting a computer code (this will be supplied). You set up, restock and rearrange your display as and when you choose. If you reside out of town, you can arrange for our staff to do it for you. Storage space is available. Our computer system automatically credits your account with sales, less the percentage retained by Longbeach Craft Market. Your bank account will be credited at the end of each month.


Only the trading/crafter’s name/logo is to appear on your products: no contact details permitted.


The first month’s rental is due 2 weeks prior to your first trading day with the second and subsequent month’s rentals being deducted from the sales.

Crafter’s code

Your unique code is made up of three letters (preferably your initials) followed by three digits: e.g. ALG001. Each craft item must be clearly marked with your code and the selling price. If you handwrite the code, please use block letters and ensure that both the code and the price is legible. Each different craft item should have its own code. If you have many of the same items selling at the same price but need to differentiate between colours/patterns for your own sales records, assign each colour/pattern its own code. Your personal contact details should not appear on the packaging as any enquiries or special orders will be handled by the sales staff directly with each crafter.

Advertising and marketing

Longbeach Craft Market advertises on behalf of all its crafters. Advertisements appear regularly in the local press and colour flyers are distributed on an ongoing basis throughout the catchment areas. In addition, we run regular posts on our Facebook page promoting in-store competitions and news. More space can be booked by crafters for product demonstrations and for additional temporary displays during peak selling periods. There are themed displays for seasonal promotions such as: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Stock list

An initial stock list detailing your craft items’ codes and selling prices should be emailed no later than 2 weeks prior to occupation, for entry into the computer system. It is not necessary to include quantities on this list as only the list of codes and corresponding selling prices need to be entered.

Stock control

Please feel free to call for a weekly or monthly status report of sales at any time during the month. You will receive a computer-generated printout that can be emailed to you. This list will help you with your stock control. In addition, our staff, who will let you know when more items are needed, and when stock is running low, will closely monitor your shelves/displays. Together, we will have to monitor stock on an honesty basis as logistically, it is impossible, and unnecessary, for us to control your access to your own stock.

Stock in shop

Please ensure that you send or deliver stock on a regular basis. Weekdays are best suitable for restocking shelves as weekends are very busy and the shop can get crowded.

Crafters Rental Contract and application form

icon-pdf PDF Download, print and email to