Craft Market FAQ

Q: What if I am an out-of-town crafter?

A: We cater for out-of-town crafters as we have storage facilities available (at no extra cost). We stock the shelf on your behalf and collect from the City Bowl and Northern Suburbs weekly from a central point.

Q: What am I paying for?

You are paying for a 7-day-a-week shelf/stall in a busy, upmarket mall. You do not have to be there as we have sales assistants working on your behalf.

Q: What does the shop look like?

A: We have an upmarket, country-style shop with wooden floors and a corrugated ceiling. Somewhat rustic, although elegant with stylish finishings.

Q: Where are you situated?

A: We are in Longbeach Mall, Noordhoek, Cape Town and situated opposite the Mugg & Bean, Spur, Musica and Wordsworth.

Q: What types of crafts are sold in the shop?

A: From glasswork to ceramics to fabric painting to decoupage and lots more. All craft items are screened for quality and workmanship.

Q: What makes you unique from other markets?

A: We are an owner-managed shop and only sell quality crafts. We consistently advertise and market on your behalf and at no extra cost to you. Our business administration is of the highest standard.

Q: What if there is a fire and | lose all my crafts?

We have fire insurance which will compensate you provided you have a suitable stock system.

Q: What if my products don’t sell?

Contractually, you are only obliged on a monthly basis. This allows you the flexibility to choose your exposure.

Q: When and how will I get paid?

We have specialised software that manages the craftmarket concept. At the end of the month, you will receive a printout of items sold. The total less our commission is paid into your bank account via EFT. You should receive your monies no later than three working days after the end of the month.

Q: What about security?

We have researched this matter extensively and have found that the best deterrent is to have a maximum presence in the store during busy periods. Longbeach Mall also has a 24-hour security presence.